A certain number of family photos have come down to us in the effects of Jacques Bolsey, aka Yacov Bogopolsky. But because of the many years of separation between Yacov and his family in Russia, we had little information about the photos, and often no idea who was represented. In the last few years, thanks to new ties between the two branches of the family, we have additional photos, and much more information about family members. I want to particularly thank Dimitry Bogopolsky for his research in the archives of the former KGB and elsewhere, and for sharing his knowledge of the history of the Russian Bogopolskys, and to Natasha, Katerina and Galina Bogopolsky for additional information.

For Yacov (Jacques Bolsky/Bolsey) we currently have much more historical material than for the other members of the family. This is due in part to the fact that Yacov left Russia just prior to the revolution of 1917 to continue his studies. During his years in Switzerland and later the US he was able to pursue his many professional and personal interests, and his prolific output and social visibility has left us with a great deal of documentation.